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Have you ever imagined creating your own animated screensavers?


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Super Screen Saver Creador is a simple application that you can use to easily create all kinds of screensavers.

The program is based from an incredibly intuitive interface, which only asks you to select the different files that you want to use for your screensaver.

Super Screen Saver Creador supports various file formats, making it possible to use images, video, audio, and even Flash animation, and giving you the ability to mix and match your materials to create unique results.

You can also add text to the bottom of the screen to label your creations and upload them to the Internet, whether with a signature to label your work or an advertisement for your own website.

You can configure the time between transitions from one image to another, the size and position where it will show up on the screen, and even what you need to do to deactivate the screensaver after it has started up.

Without a doubt, this is an easy-to-use tool that will produce surprising, fun, and original results.
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